Mjenzi is well placed to assist our customers deliver a transformative digital strategy in a market landscape that is increasingly embracing the 4th Revolution that is the digital transformation.

  • We engage with companies to provide advice on suitable digital solutions and strategies that can be adopted in line with particular requirements and needs. Well implemented digital strategies are vital to effective customer experiences and at Mjenzi, we focus on enabling seamless final consumer experiences. In a world where customers are demanding better and better service quality, Mjenzi works with companies to ensure their readiness and innovativeness in responding to these demands. We interrogate relevant data to provides insights as well as actionable digital plans.
  • Mjenzi is more than just a web development shop but rather, a technology services company that recognises the momentum and potential that lies with a digitising world and the need for business as well as government to embrace this digital transformation.
  • We provide advice on these areas:
    • Customer and employee engagement and management
    • Social media positioning and strategy
    • Big data management and analysis
    • Value chain analysis
    • Process optimisation
    • Digitisation and SaaS advisory. SaaS provides companies a cloud based software application model.
    • Internet of Things digital implementations advisory